What is the Palm Crest "Party Book"?


Q: What is the “Palm Crest (PCR) Party Book”?

A: “Party Book” is a fundraiser for the PCR PTA.

Q: Huh?

A: PCR parents host or sponsor parties then PCR families pay to attend the parties. The $$ raised goes to the PCR PTA.


Q: Who are the PCR Party Book Parties for?

A: The parties can be for adults, kids or families.


Q: Do I host a party alone or can I throw a party with other PCR families?

A: Parties can be hosted by more than one person, by classes or by family.

Q: Can my dog walker sign up to attend a PCR Party Book Party?

A: YES!!! PCR Party Book Parties are for PCR families and anyone who wants to attend and support PCR.


Q: I am new to PCR and don’t know many people, should I still attend a party or host?

A: The answer is YES to both! Attending and hosting PCR Party Book Parties are a wonderful way to get to know PCR families.


Q: If I host or attend parties, will my child's teacher lower the homework load due to

sheer party exhaustion?

A: Probably not, but nice try.


Q: So, as a host, what do I need to do?

A: Let Caroline Anderson know you are hosting a party (Anderson9207@gmail.com).


Q: Can I get a tax deduction for being a host?

A: Heck Yes! We will send you a letter with the tax information you need.


Q: When does the actual “Party Book” come out?

A: Monday, October 2nd, 2017.


Q: What if I want to host a party but I cannot think of any fun ideas?

A: Contact Caroline Anderson (Anderson9207@gmail.com)


Q: When and how do I sign up to attend parties?

A: We have a Party Book Website, https://palmcrest.onlinepartybook.com. The site will be open on Monday, October 2nd and you will be able to sign up, pay for and view all of the PCR Parties online. You’ve got to be quick as some parties fill-up fast!


Happy Partying!!!