iRead 2017 Has Concluded!


Having just completed its 6th year, iRead is Palm Crest Elementary School's summer reading program. The 2017 iRead summer reading began on Friday, June 2, 2017, the first day of summer vacation, and ended on Sunday, August 13, 2017, the day before the new school year started. All PCR students who were continuing at PCR next school year were eligible to participate. Here's how it works:

  • Any PCR student entering grades 1 through 6 in August 2017 is eligible to participate.
  • Read and keep track of your minutes. iRead participation is measured by the time spent reading, not how many pages you read! You can read anything -- books, magazines, websites, electronic readers like Kindles. Just keep track of your minutes either on the downloadable paper reading log, or on the website using the online reading log.
  • If you will be entering 1st or 2nd grade in August, you may includes minutes read reading with your parents.
  • If you use the paper log, please write down what material you read and the minutes read each day. When you reach the end of a log, total your minutes and have your parent sign to verify the minutes read.
  • If you use the online reading log, just enter the minutes read per day, then have your parents login to the website and go to the parent reading log approval page to approve your minutes.
  • After school starts next August 14th, turn in your reading log to your homeroom teachers. Make sure you put your name at the top of all logs! If you use the online reading log, we will already have your minutes received stored in our database.



The awards for the 2017 iRead summer reading program will be:

  • All participants will receive a certificate of participation and a Popsicle.
  • The 3rd and 4th place readers in each grade will receive a gift card to Penguin's Ice Cream / Frozen Yogurt.
  • The top 2 readers in each grade will receive a gift card to Penguin's PLUS a gift card to Flintridge Bookstore.
  • Medals will be presented to the top readers in each grade and highest in the school. (New this year!)
  • The iRead Grand Champion for the entire school will receive the Penguin's gift card, the Flintridge Bookstore gift card, a trophy, and a special bonus prize to be determined.

New This Year!


  • Thousand Minutes Club  (1,000-1,999 minutes read)
  • Two Thousand Minutes Club (2,000-2,999 minutes read)
  • Three Thousand Minutes Club  (3,000+ minutes read)

*This year we will offer upgraded certificates to all students who reach the 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 minutes level.

Set Your Goal!

Reading Calculator  (73 total days of summer break in 2017):

1,000 minutes = 14 minutes per day

2,000 minutes = 28 minutes per day

3,000 minutes = 41 minutes per day

4,000 minutes = 55 minutes per day

5,000 minutes = 69 minutes per day

* In past years we have had a handful of students read between 5,000-15,000 minutes.

Past Winners

In the first year of the iRead program (2012), 4th grader Alison Kusyk read an astonishing 9,143 minutes. The next year in 2013 Clara Kakuk, (6th grade) read an incredible 12,480 minutes, a total that some thought would never be beaten. But records were meant to be broken. In the summer of 2014 5th grader Matthew Fong read an incredible 14,225 minutes. The string of record-breaking totals continued in 2015 when 6th grader Nicole Sorensen read an astounding 17,640 minutes during the summer, averaging an amazing 3 hours and 58 minutes per day including weekends and holidays! To see past winners:



If you have any questions about the iRead program, please contact the iRead program administrator, Brent Kuszyk, at If you have any problems with the online reading log, please contact the webmaster, Sugi Sorensen at