Mathzilla 4.0 Results - May 4th, 2017


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Shown here are the official results from the Mathzilla 4.0 elementary mathematics competition held on May 4th, 2017 at La Cañada Elementary School. Mathzilla is the La Cañada Unified School District's elementary mathematics competition for grades 4 through 6. 173 competitors from three local elementary schools -- La Cañada Elementary (LCE), Palm Crest Elementary (PCR), and Paradise Canyon Elementary (PCY) competed in at least one round of the competition.

As stated in the rules, graded tests will NOT be returned to competitors.

Individual Competition Medal Winners:

Speed Test 4th Cecilia Kim (PCY)
Speed Test 4th Colin Hwang (PCY)
Speed Test 4th Aleksey Valouev (PCY)
Speed Test 5th Blake Chang (PCR)
Speed Test 5th Audrey Wong (PCY)
Speed Test 5th Neal Frankenberg (PCR) -TIE
Siyoon Lim (PCY) - TIE
Speed Test 6th Riley Thornburgh (PCY)
Speed Test 6th Christian Armaly (LCE) - TIE
Elyse Hwang (PCY) - TIE
Mark Neumann (LCE) - TIE
Speed Test 6th Cameron Lay (PCR)


Problem Solving 4th Matthew Ma (LCE) - TIE
Aleksey Valouev (PCY) - TIE
Problem Solving 4th Colin Hwang (PCY)
Problem Solving 4th Isabelle Du (PCR)
Problem Solving 5th Om Mahesh (LCE)
Problem Solving 5th Neal Frankenberg (PCR) - TIE
Thomas Sorensen (PCR) - TIE
Problem Solving 5th Blake Chang (PCR)
Problem Solving 6th Bryce Kim (LCE) - TIE
Inhee Lee (LCE) - TIE
Problem Solving 6th Mark Neumann (LCE)
Problem Solving 6th Irina Penanen (PCY)


Overall Individual 6th Mark Neumann (LCE)
Overall Individual 5th Neal Frankenberg (PCR)
Overall Individual 5th Thomas Sorensen (PCR)


Team Competition:

PlaceSchoolTeam Round Points
Palm Crest Elementary 187
La Cañada Elementary 163
Paradise Canyon Elementary 141


Individual Medal Count:

Paradise Canyon Elementary 10
Palm Crest Elementary 9
La Cañada Elementary 8



Rubik's Cube Challenge:

Speed solving 3x3x3 puzzle cubes. Cubes used: YJ GuanLong.

Final Challenge:

Chris Kurdoghlian PCY
Om Mahesh LCE
Mark Neumann LCE


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