Mathzilla 5.0 Results - May 3rd, 2018


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Shown here are the official results from the Mathzilla 5.0 elementary mathematics competition held on Thursday May 3rd, 2018 at Palm Crest Elementary School. Mathzilla is an elementary mathematics competition for LCUSD students in grades 4 through 6. 203 competitors from three local elementary schools -- La Cañada Elementary (LCE), Palm Crest Elementary (PCR), and Paradise Canyon Elementary (PCY) competed in at least one round of the competition.

As stated in the rules, graded tests will NOT be returned to competitors.

Individual Competition Medal Winners:

Speed Test 4th Jayden Clorfeine (LCE)
Speed Test 4th Kaan Altinok (PCR)
Speed Test 4th Ryan Farr (PCR)
Speed Test 5th Jacob Que (PCR)
Speed Test 5th Aliena Sun (PCR)
Speed Test 5th Joshua Pastor (PCY) -TIE
Lorelei Rocca (PCR) - TIE
Speed Test 6th Neal Frankenberg (PCR)
Speed Test 6th Blake Chang (PCR)
Speed Test 6th Cayden Chang (PCR) - TIE
Ian Kim (PCY) - TIE
Logan Kim (PCR) - TIE
Siddarth Pillai (PCR) - TIE
Dinghzhen Yao (LCE) - TIE


Problem Solving 4th Kaan Altinok (PCR)
Problem Solving 4th Ronin Tsai (LCE)
Problem Solving 4th Victoria Chen (PCR)
Problem Solving 5th Jack Kassabian (PCY)
Problem Solving 5th Zoe Petropoulos (PCY)
Problem Solving 5th Bryan Green (PCY) - TIE
Kian Fahimi (PCY) - TIE
Problem Solving 6th Thomas Sorensen (PCR)
Problem Solving 6th Neal Frankenberg (PCR)
Problem Solving 6th Cayden Chang (PCR) - TIE
Cammie Hong (PCY) - TIE


Individual Competition Overall Winners:

Overall Individual 6th Neal Frankenberg (PCR)
Overall Individual 6th Thomas Sorensen (PCR)
Overall Individual 6th Cayden Chang (PCR)


Team Relay Competition:

PlaceSchoolTeam Round Points
Palm Crest Elementary 203
Paradise Canyon Elementary 180
La Cañada Elementary 104


Team Relay Competition (top Grade-Level Teams):

CategoryPlaceSchoolTeam Round Points
4th Grade Palm Crest Elementary - TIE
Paradise Canyon Elementary - TIE
5th Grade Paradise Canyon Elementary 59
6th Grade Palm Crest Elementary 134


Mathzilla! Trophy (Top School):

Palm Crest Elementary


Total Medal Count:

Palm Crest Elementary 22
Paradise Canyon Elementary 9
La Cañada Elementary 4



Rubik's Cube Challenge:

Speed solving 3x3x3 puzzle cubes. Cubes used: YJ GuanLong.


4th Grade:

Harvey Wake  PCR 48 sec
  Kyle Yun  PCY 81 sec 


5th Grade:

Kaylee Chun PCY 56 sec
  Cecillia Kim  PCY 66 sec 


6th Grade:

Sebastian Yu LCE 37 sec
Joey McCord LCE 61 sec


Final Challenge:

Sebastian Yu LCE 43 sec. 
Joey McCord LCE 49 sec.
Kaylee Chun PCY 56 sec. 


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